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Of course you’re sick of POOR Technology Services for HUGE $$$?

It doesn’t make “cents”?




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IT Support from Omega Technologies. Ask about Remote Support 360

We see it all the time, large companies and small businesses hire an IT support company that make amazing promises and then, when the honeymoon is over, nickle and dime you for everything.  The bills pile up and the service goes down the drain.  To add insult to injury it seems like you have to call them all of the time to fix the simple things that just should not break!  It seems like you are always on the phone or trying to handle simple to complex IT Support problems all on your own and that means you are not focused on YOUR business and MAKING money.  IT Support should be easier.  Omega Technologies not only makes it easier we make it work better which is why we are the final word on technology

That’s why we created our no-hassle no-pain guarantee. Since 2003 Omega Technologies has been providing IT Support, IT Consulting, Networking, and Computer Support to small and mid-size businesses throughout Florida with local offices in Panama City Fl., Marianna Fl. and Dothan Al.  We Now offer Remote Support.  By June 2014 we will have offices spread over the southeast and gulf coast region.

Serving healthcare, city and county government offices, attorneys, engineering and accounting offices, we’re big enough to handle any computer problem, yet small enough to give you the individual attention you deserve. When you hire us for a project, or contract with us a your preferred IT support partner, you can expect it to be done right. We GUARANTEE our work and we GUARANTEE your satisfaction or it’s FREE!

When you hire Omega Technologies, you’re hiring experts who monitor your systems 24×7. We typically find and fix problems remotely before you even know they occurred. But in the event we do need to come into the office, we have multiple locations and technicians so we can get to your location quickly.

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Networking and network management


Networking and network management

Why should you believe us? You shouldn’t. And that’s why we’re offering two free hours of phone, online, or onsite IT support. We’re gambling that when you see how we handle your network and computer problems, you’ll know that we’re the right IT company for you. Fill out the form on the right and we’ll respond quickly!

Don’t need anything fixed right now? That’s OK. Fill out that form and we’ll email you a certificate that you can use for up to a year for the free 2 hours of support.

Omega Technologies offers Network management, hosted encrypted email, online backups & other cloud technology solutions, online or onsite repairs and SEO services for your website.

We are here to serve you and answer any questions you may have.

Call us today: (850)272-0943

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